(4-12 Mos.) or (10-20 mos.)

Babies and their adult companions will explore the world “whole body style,” with music and movement experiences.  In addition to songs, wiggles and peek-a-boo games, babies will have the opportunity to shake and tap real instruments.  You’ll be amazed what they can do


(18-28 mos.) or (26-40 mos.)

Grab your parents/caregivers and we’re ready to gobble our way through a musical banquet of learning and fun!  Toddler classes have large numbers of instrumental exploration, as well as listening activities.  Students use rhythm sticks, jingles, assorted shakers, drums and resonator bars.

Your little musician will be so engaged in this fast paced environment, they won’t even realize how much they’re learning while they enjoy!


 (3-4 1/2 Years)

Using musical games, movement activities and beginning ensemble pieces, these students celebrate their growing musical independence.  The curriculum features singing, chanting and focused listening.  Students will explore musical instruments while incorporating creative movement and storytelling with the experience.  A weekly take home activity (such as making an instrument or doing a sound experiment) helps reinforce the musical concepts they study in a fun, hands-on manner.


(Birth-5  Years)

This class is set up with the whole family and whole child in mind.  With the understanding that one parent or caregiver will be working with multiple children, the curriculum will be “hand tailored” to each class’ needs and various age groups.  Family music will always incorporate folk songs for dancing as well as listening and singing opportunities.  In addition, all musicians will have the experience of using rhythm instruments such as jingles, maracas, big and little drums, rhythm sticks and tone bars.  Puppets, song tales and scarves will enhance the music and language activities provided in the classroom.

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